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Presenting initial concept proposition to others was a good way to measure and analyse how clear is my design. The proposition I share was very rough and there is no connection between the problem statement and design proposal. Whilst I was proposing to raise awareness and educate people, my design could only cover one function; to evoke a sympathetic response.

Question like how to create engagement with the target audience for the first time and ask them to participate in the design is one of the aspect that I haven’t thought before. The design should be accessible to the target audience while at the same time has to have unique feature that will attract them. Location is another good point that my peer mention since it will also determine how often the design will be seen by people.

My peer’s opinion was really helpful to provide a fresh perspective and arise critical question to improve my design proposal. There are few points that I’ve taken notes:

  • Reframe my position and identify the target audience: More brainstorming session maybe?
  • Don’t force old ideas to fit with the problem statement: Leave it for a night and comeback with a blank slate and new ideas.
  • Be specific: Asylum seekers and Refugees is a very broad topic and I don’t have power to solve this big issue. Design something that will be useful for intended audience.
  • Revisit you research: As Jacquie said, we already have the material. Just connect it.


Revisiting old blog posts

To overcome the confusion after the feedback session, I decided to reframe my position by doing the IDEO’s 5W again. This exercise is based on my previous old statement: How to raise awareness and challenge people’s perspective toward refugees in our community? The statement was vague since I haven’t narrowed down the scope of the target audience.


Refined version


During the exercise, I picked up several elements that I didn’t considered before. Whilst the aim of the design has become very specific, I feel that I can move forward with more refined design that will answer all the new 5Ws. Here is my new problem statement: How to foster positive support and treatment toward refugees to help them feel accepted in the community. My target audience is specifically aimed toward people (age 18-25) on their workplace.



Keywords: Acceptance, Self-worth, Support, Hope, Motivation.

Project TitleI ________ refugees. (TBC)

Design Practice Type: Generative System (and service design).

Form: A poll stand accompanied with a site and shirt giveaway design.

Issue: Many refugees and people with migrant background are struggling to find jobs and fit into the society, leaving them feel lonely and unaccepted in this country. Many factors such as limited English skill, different cultural way of thinking, and strong discrimination hinder them to use their potential skill and are unable to contribute to the society. Secondly, the willingness to help refugees are often

Problem statement: How to foster positive support and treatment toward refugees to help them feel accepted in the community?

Possible Change:  Looking at service purpose, the design will in the end, be able to educate and challenge the participants’ perspective towards the myth of refugee,  creating meaningful and beneficial social change.


The process and the  possible people’s respond to the design.

How it works:


Empowering Refugees through public’s poll.

The design will be specifically aimed to young people who is working in a multicultural environment as well as an empowerment action to support refugees. The stand (with a touch screen) will display a selection of refugee’s story and their experience on adapting Australian culture. By end of the story, the audience is asked to choose 2 buttons, whether support the refugee or ignore the story. The result of the ‘support’ pressed button will be presented on the website and sent to the individual whose story is displayed that day. The person will receive an email that notify them how many people supported their story. The audience who chose support button will receive the giveaway shirt with ‘I SUPPORT REFUGEE’ design in it. There will be rotation on the stories displayed, providing an ongoing campaign for this design.

The small gesture can make a huge difference on someone’s psychological state. The fact that people are giving their time to listen to their story and support them is an intervention to break prejudice in the community. The website, which can be accessed by public, also aimed to inspire other people with similar struggle.


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