Post 10: Food can change your mood?

Gia Vy Truong (11926639)

During class, I have proposed 2 different ideas to my colleague and tutor. The first proposal, the feedback was not very positive. However, the second one I have received very good comments and encouragement from my partner. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to receive any feedback from my tutor for the second idea after I presented to her.

The first proposal I presented to them was the generative design which solves an issue of how vegetarianism is not well promoted on social media. I will create an online platform which everyone can join for free and create an account. The user then can upload photos of their everyday meals, share cooking recipes, tips and tricks of how to become vegetarians/vegans. The website will also include articles from trustworthy professionals and nutritionist to educate the users how to eat correctly to stay healthy or according to their needs (eg: lose weight). The feedback that I got from my tutor was that I should focus on only one problem of vegetarianism instead of try to solve all. For example focusing on eating greener because I don’t want to kill animals or a design that can show the pro and cons of vegetarianism. And the feedback from my peers is it’s not very interesting for them too. And personally, I found this online platform not engaging enough so I developed another one.

So the second proposal is a service design which solves the problem of how young adults age 18-24 years old are not very health conscious because they think they are still young and most of them like to eat unhealthy food. Therefore it is very hard to engage this target audience to vegetarianism if they really want to become one and this app can be a solution for that. The aim of this app is to “trick” people to eat healthier, fun to use and also educational.

The user can download this app to their smartphones or can go to the website. This app lets the users pick an emotion that they are feeling and it will give out different types of food that might help them feel better (Eg: sad => eat cacao nibs), and of course, these food that is recommended are healthy and can easily find in the supermarket. Another function that this app will help is to find a healthy substitution for the users. They can type in what type of food that is craving and it will show a healthier choice or cooking recipes for that. The longer they use it the better they feel and this app has slowly changed their eating habit without them knowing. Hopefully, it will strengthen theirs believe in eating healthy as well as vegetarianism. The feedback that I got from my peer are positive and they said it sounds very fun but also very helpful too.

Overall, I can see the potential for the second idea of “food can change your mood” project. And I need to do some further research in order to find out more about which types of food can effect our human’s emotion and hopefully it will be helpful for my design outcome.

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