Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


This is the final brainstorm as a result of working together with my group during the large studio class time. We had stemed out three different ideas, trying to resolve the problem and find an appropriate solution.

My group comprised of a total of five members doing Mental Health as well. Since our first meeting we had learnt that we had different objectives and researched a different area to the overall larger topic. This was of great help, as when we did gather together we each shared different outlooks and perspectives as we had chosen to research different areas. This was highly beneficial as we were able to compare our findings and guide others. Our own personal research was not confined to our own personal research limitations. Our idea generation was well explored whilst exploring each other’s ideas.

However the counter to this would be that our idea generation was still limited to what we all knew, due to the time constraints, my peers did not personally research deeply into my ideas and they could not provide any extension upon my own.

The amusing part of our collaboration was that we had a mutual understanding of the brief, and at the time of the creation of this mind map was that we were all on the more confused side of what is asked from us. As a collective that meant we were all lost together about what was expected.


Author: Danyen Rosa Nguyen

Visual Communication Student at University of Technology, Sydney

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