Post 10: Reflection and proposition


Generating an idea can be fast but can be throw in the trash bin real quick. For me last week, I didn’t go to class with an idea because I was really struggling with this subject, the only thing I know is that I want to focus on women and children refugee on Nauru. But my tutor told me since Nauru will be closed down soon, I don’t have to focus mainly on Nauru, I can focus on Australia or around the world. But I didn’t want my design proposition got o wide, I want to narrow it down to just focus on Australia.

Telling my colleagues about my idea was hard because I didn’t have a proper idea with me, but with help from them, I started coming up with an idea of designing a web which shows the data of how often these women and children get sexually abused in Nauru. But they said I can push this further by doing more research as I didn’t thought of a solution yet, even though with my idea it can’t really solve the problem itself. But talking with my tutor really helped me with pushing my idea further, and the end of last week’s class, I thought of collecting data around Australia of how often women and children get sexually abused per second, minute, hour. I want to make this a really big issue for my target audience to gather together and help them.

Design Proposition

The issue I’m focusing on in the final design proposition is: women and children refugees often get sexually abused which affects their long term mental health. My final design proposition is going to be called ‘The Insiders’, it’s going to be a web based data collector which collects data of how often it gets reported of women and children refugees being sexually abused around detention centres and camps mainly in Australia.

With the facts of data collected from everywhere, my website will have a serious atmosphere where it sets the viewers in a very sad emotion. My target audience for this is aged 18-25 years old women who can put them selves in their shoes in order to think it as a very serious issue in today’s society. In order to prevent and/or reduce the number of women and children getting sexually abused in camps and detention centres around the world, I’m setting up a ‘sign up’ button for volunteers such as the ARV (Australian Refugee Volunteer) to go into the camps and detention centres to educate both women and men (but separately), by this both the refugees and volunteers get benefits from this system, and volunteers are able to get a certificate recognition when they complete this volunteer activity to add on their resume.

From this education activity, the possible change for this issue will be less sexually abuse from happening in a long period of time, women and children will have a better mental health after being educated how to protect them self from getting hurt and how to say ‘NO’ to them. By doing this, both of men and women even children will have a better life and better mental health.

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