POST 8: Proposal

James Meland

Within class, I have a unique positioning within the context of issues because of the topic I chose being social inequality. So while social I am grouped within the feminism issue space, my scope very much parallels theirs and we mutually enrich each other’s perspectives. In comparison, I have focused in on certain profound political and social problems head on, while my peers have sided with a certain aspect of social inequality. However it becomes irrelevant after a while as we evolve our concepts within the set framework – I myself have jumped from focusing on financial disparity, then on political extremism and trying to pull strings at other social phenomena. With my Facebook news feed finding news and reflecting more and more of what I seek in everyday discourse, and the amount of conversations that I have which compare the utopic Scandinavian and the unjust US, we get closer to creating a form.


After extensive group discussions regarding the role of institutional bodies, groups of people and objects, I have come to forming five possibilities to launch my own agenda.

  • We need an app system to push and vote on certain agenda
  • We need to have generative design to promote online democracy to remove barriers in the way of expressing ones voice
  • We need an information visualization design for political donation and transparency
  • We need a generative system or even a game style design to let people be aware of welfare services they may need
  • We need an information visualisation which explores social welfare vs. corporate welfare

In this time I realize that it is all well and good to say that legislation and policy are the only way to cement freedoms and push for social betterment. However in an age where apps like UBER and Foodora threaten other conventional with obsolescence, in the same way we can push for certain ideologies through modern design and emerging practices to provoke response from other stakeholders.