Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session Briefing

By Rebecca Tomas

I did find this mapping exercise and brainstorming session to be more beneficial to me in terms of consolidating everything we have learned thus far and thinking of a final design propositions for Task 3. From this I was able to refine more what direction I wanted to head in which was pretty much set in stone for me. The map we all worked on is shown below with problem statements below addressing who, what, when, where and why. The work below is very rough and not yet refined enough however it does show the potential statements that can be developed and pushed further and it helped we did it collaboratively as it wasn’t just one person doing the thinking it was four of us all together consolidating everything we have learned throughout the semester on the issue of housing affordability.



Strengths of this exercise include just coming together as we have been doing and consolidating everything we know in regards to the issue and focusing on the specific questions which helped frame our design propositions. Even though we had all been researching the same topic we all still had a few different answers which was good as we were not repeating the same ideas and information but gaining new insights into the issue and would benefit us more in refining our design proposition and we could all add onto each others ideas which was helpful especially as I tended to get stuck on thinking of a design solution to the issue however I have come to the realisation that I want to focus on more raising awareness of the issue as we can’t actually come up with a direct solution to the housing crisis however we can address small aspects within the issue and I wanted to propose something that resonates with me- not just design something for the sake of designing something.


Weaknesses included again me having a difficult time to come up with a design solution to the issue as I think I was thinking way too hard about it and not taking a step back to realise there are many aspects I could potentially focus in on. Also still trying to understand the design outcomes we have to address such as generative and service design also had to be researched more and after going over what could be done, I was able to think more about a design solution  and proposal even though it was still very rough and not refined as it could have been.

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