Post 9: Visual Documentation of the Brainstorming Session


This week we were asked to draw up another map in pairs, going through Who/What/When/Where/Why related to housing affordability. I thought it was unusual to do this map later in the semester as I thought it would have been one of the first maps we did being it somewhat a universal way of understanding a topic. All the other maps we have done have been unusual ways of mapping and data gathering/ collating but although it felt weird to do this map now, I think the knowledge and understanding I have gathered over time allowed me to draw this up succinctly.

Strengths and Weaknesses of this Process


  • The 5ws mapping allows for the exploration of a specific topic very thoroughly.
  • It is organised under headings for easy reference.


  • Multiple 5ws maps would be needed to map multiple topics as its very hard to map multiple topics thoroughly on one.
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