Post 9 Visual Documentation of the Brainstorming Session

After stated top issue through 5 ‘W’s, I decided to brainstorm all the design possibilities around the statement at home by myself as there is no time left in class to brainstorm as a group. I tried hard to come up with ideas as much as I can however single brain is still weaker than a whole group’s.



I consider the strength is in terms of the issue stated as how to use social media to positively influences teen’s health, the design possibilities are substantial in generative design area as well as service design via using social media as a platform. In addition the specific aim of stakeholders (teens and young adults) would help me to come up with more pertinent and accurate design solution.



My weaknesses of the process include restricted thoughts came up from single person as well as don’t have enough time to deepen those possibilities and take them further. Additionally I found it is hard to articulate response of either service design or generative system. And mostly of solutions are too general and some already have been used and designed by others.

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