POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


Throughout the process, the strength of our brainstorming session is that we all able to understand each other’s concern upon online privacy and surveillance. Each of us provide as least one point we can implement in.

However our weakness was that our process was all focusing on the direct way to solve the problem which I think it might not be the best solution to do it and eventually we ends up common solution that might already exist. We should have refer to our map generated previously and use it as a starting point to find other solutions. Our ideas were too broad as we didn’t narrow down to specific stakeholder or feeling. Which result of less resolution found at the end. Also we did not managed to analysis what we have written on the paper, otherwise we could came out with solution that takes the pros from all ideas and refine it.


When we are discussing about my problem, we came out with 5 different approaches yet they all very similar to each other. All of them are software or systems that either check, record, or analyse the website in order to alert the user about their online behaviour. However when I look at it now, I was tended to move towards to psychological aspect of the problem. Instead of solving the privacy issue problem, I focus on how to keep the user comfortable while knowing all those online tracking and metadata left behind.

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