POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

In this group exercise every member in the group had to state their problem statement then allow the members in the group to ideate design solutions for your chosen problem. This was a brilliant exercise to explore the various potential design solutions. It allowed us to share our creativity without judgment, whilst encouraging one another to stay focused on ones chosen problem statement.

In class, each member was given a butchers paper to write down their problem statement in the centre of the paper then explain the problem to the group. The image below shows brainstorming on my chosen problem statement. The image shows group members initiation in coming up with wild ideas that encouraged me to generate and develop a unique design for my problem statement.

new doc 3_1.jpg

After each member participated in writing down a design idea they then explained their idea to me. The circled text indicates the ideas that I was most interested in. The ideas that I thought I could develop on were:

  • Generative design: Indicating when a LGBTIQ student/youth comes out or embrace their identity on social media.
  • Data visualization: Schools that have implemented safe schools program vs. schools that have not, and map of suburbs with LGBTIQ community.
  • Service design: Creating a service design that can impact the community about the positive outlook and result of safe schools program. Use students from a school that initiates safe schools program to educate the seniors about why they think the program is effective and beneficial for schools.
  • Service design: Creating a space at school for friends and family to experience and immerse into the benefits of safe schools programming.
  • Service design: Implementing ‘I stand up for minority/LGBTIQ’ leadership program at school that allows members to become public supporters in their school. They could wear badges to identify themselves as leaders.

The visual brainstorming allowed us to generate ideas more actively and quickly in this exercise. It didn’t matter how bad the idea could have been, it was all about getting the ideas on the paper as much as you can. The result of this strategy leads us to having vast amount of solid ideas to build on. This significant group exercise immensely allowed us to recognize the importance of collaboration and brainstorming.

By April Bae

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