Post 9: Pros and cons of brainstorming session

Gia Vy Truong



As we work in a group and discuss our topics, each of the group members had the chance to give their opinions feedbacks for others topic. Because everyone might have a different perspective on an issue and a way to solve problems, therefore, this class exercise was really helpful for me.

And because we are all design students, we are trained to solve problem and train to come up with design solutions, it was an exciting session where I can learn from others group members on how they came up with a design solution for each other’s topic. I also learn how to work effectively in a group, how you share your opinion, how to discuss an issue without offending anyone and learn from each other.

Not just learning from my fellow students, I also have good feedbacks and comments from other tutors (by combining classes) and hear what their own opinion on my topic as we as teaching me how to brainstorm effectively in class.


One of the weakness that I think have happened is that not all of the group members have a good knowledge about the other’s topic, therefore, the information they provided may not be correct.

Another weakness for this subject, in general, is the fact that we have to keep on changing groups and moving class is very confusing but in a way, it’s a little bit helpful because I have the chance to speak to other students and hear their perspectives on my topic.

My last thought for the brainstorming exercises, I feel like I have been repeating myself, again and again, writing similar things overall again. And this makes me lost interests in this brainstorming section during class which I hope that the tutors can improve the class exercises in a way that is more engaging to the students.

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