Post 9: Visual Documentation of the Brainstorming Session


The image above shows a range of design responses which address the issue of my problem statement. It is generally categorised into service design, data visualisation, generative design. There are as well some very rough ideas that are being separated from the three main categories.

The fact that I was the only student in our group doing the issue of violence against women produced unique strengths and weakness to group environment.

It allowed me to gain fresh and unfamiliar ideas from the other students which were very different from my own approaches to the issue. For example, the idea of creating a system to record people using phrases that seem harmless but abusive via social media and display them in the screens in public pace was a very fresh ideas that I have never thought about. The group excercise broadened my concepts and thoughts.

However,as the rest of my group were quite unfamiliar with my issue and they didn’t have adequate understanding of my issue, so that I have to spend quite a lot time to explain my issue which took a big part of the excecising time. Also, I found it to be quite difficult for individual to come up with ideas that relevant to the issue. I think it was because we were getting used to our issue researching approach, it would be quite difficult to change my thinking mode to other modes.

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