Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming​ session

The problem
There is substantial evidence shows the link between calories and obesity is caused in part by high sugar consumption from processed food.
Who does the problem effect?
Children, Parents, obese people, customers (shopping behaviors, making food choices), businessmen (food industries, retailers, profits), politicians (eg. food labeling laws), nutritionists, doctors, researchers, designers(advertising, food packaging design), etc.
What are the boundaries of the problem?
■ The relationship between added sugar (in processed food) and obesity.
■ Personal responsibility vs social responsibility(food industries)
■ Personal food choices
When does the problem occur?
The consumption of added sugars has been dramatically increased since the 1970s.
The main reason is because of the demonisation of fats by the mid-1990s, and sugar was considered a healthy alternative. A lot of advertisings suggested that sugary drinks as part of a healthy lifestyle.
For example American and Australia.
Why blame sugar?
There is substantial evidence that a high intake of added sugar in processed food is linked with weight gain and obesity, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Brainstorming possible design directions in group

Mindmap based on my issue topic: sugar and obesity
Mindmap based on one of our group members: parenting shopping choices and child obesity


In the group session, we brainstormed possible design directions together. This is a very helpful process for generating a design proposal with the help of other group members. In addition, working with other group member’s specific issue topic also help come up with new ideas as we are all working on the same big issue topic — Obesity. From the part of working in ‘parenting shopping choices and child obesity’ issue, I gained a lot of ideas about how to change shopping behaviors, which is also related to my issue topic.

The session of working in ‘what, who, when, why’ is very useful for refreshing and arranging all the research and ideas over the weeks. It also helps for think of the problem in a comprehensive structure.

by Aiyi Wu


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