Post 9: Pros and cons of collaborative brainstorming

Below is the virtual documentation for our group session in this week. As we can clearly see on the mind map below, our topic is refugee crisis. The steps for our group session include:

1. Everyone brainstorming about this topic them provide their thoughts, we only keep key words to speed up the process.

2. According to the key words provided by the group member we generate a long list.

3. We go through the long list together and cross out the ones are not exactly relevant or redundant.
4. According to the list we have on the previous step we put different key work into different category and draw the rough mind map (see the first picture below).

5. We analysis the mind map and find the relevant section within. (see the red arrow on the mind map)

6. we use another mind map to put different related items within the topic together as well so we can have a better understanding also. The first mind map we draw is a bit rough and very hard to understand also. We have include all the stakeholders for the refugee crisis and other items we believe are important include policy figures and related objects (passport, papers etc.)


In Week 6 we have been separated in to a 5 people group to share the possible design responses. We started with “Who, When, Where, and Why” then combine into a statement.

The newly arrived refugees individuals and families find they are having troubles with seeking services and help. The problems happening all time since Australia started receiving refugees, and its’s happening around all refugee suburbs. As we have quite a few non-profit organisations around the country  and volunteers are exciting to help them to feel welcome and get to know their surroundings, the advertising needs to be more effective.



I personally believe the over all process for our group session is really well. We covered lots of staff during the limited time then made our list fairly clear and easy to understand. I think the brainstorming part would be our strength as we did came up with lots of ideas. We were not very good at categories things it take us too long as everyone was trying to help but on different direction. Apart from that our group session is extremely successful! I think next time we can use google doc for group editing it can save us some time for editing and easier to understand.