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In a group, we listed out all the key words that relate to mental health and picked a few factors that we think are significant. These words are: accessible, youth, ignorance, advertisement, social media.



Most noticed word

Supprisingly, to other people in class,”reaction”  is the most noticable word from our brainstorming session. My research based on accessibily for mental treatment and combined with this, I started redefining and expand my approach toward the reaction of community members to when they see individual suffers from mental illness.

“Reaction” can be idicated through the other important factors that our group picked earlier. I was able to form a basic statement that might helf me move forward: How to reflect “Reaction” on “advertisement”, “social media” among the “youth” to improve “accessibility” of mental health treatment?

Community reaction toward mental health problem can be negative and positive. Further research has been found about the strong relationship between social support and Mental Health Status, which proved that higher level of social support result to a better mental health performance.  As we can see from the chart below from a group of scientist in Deaken University, drawed specifically on to this relationship when the individuals are unemployed or employed.


According to the graph, social support has a direct impact on mental health in general and specifically, mental health of the unemployed. Therefore, an improvement in social supports for the unemployed might be a solution to the mental status reduction among this group, especially those who live in the rural and remote area of Australia, where unemployment rates are considerably higher than the rest of the country.

The remote area of Australia has been known for a high rate of suicide and other mental health illness. This might be a result of the isolation of the geography which can lead to a lack of community activities and access to mental health treatment. One of the factors that might contribute to this issue and have back and forth effect is unemployment. Rural Australia is also known to have very high rate of unemployment.

This lead to mental health issue due to distress and insecurity caused by the idleness. Young people in the group age of 18 to 24 are ones that are most vulnerable and have the highest chance to suffer mental illness caused by unemployment. The problem with them is they feel disconnected to the rest of the world and failed to reach out for help.

In conclusion, thank to the mapping excercise with the group, I can further develope my understanding and response to the issue of lacking accessibility in the remote Australia, which is to positively alter the reaction of community toward people who suffer from Mental Illness.


Milner, A., Krnjacky, L., Butterworth, P., Lamontagne, A.D., 2016, The role of social support in protecting mental health when employed and unemployed: A longitudinal fixed-effects analysis using 12 annual waves of the HILDA cohort, Social Science & Medicine, vol 153, p20-26

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