post 9

by mart yeung



In the map we are giving feedback and suggestions of others concepts.


the whole process is about pitching up our own ideas and others provide some practical solutions that can work it out, or any practice tat can reflect the problem

process of brain storm

during the process i observed that people have different focus point and the issue can have different approaches of practical concerns. some points of the group members and the starting point are different or even against on my opinion, which makes me realize that there can be two positions to support on the issue: either regulate more on online activity or prevent information leak by providing less personal information, or protect it from the online provider. One of the group members points out the importance of responsibility of network providers on keeping the online security save, and mentioned that users can be monitored and have a responsibility on their online activity, which he mentioned the online service should be locked with the person real name and phone number only, so leaving a actual trace and allows the service provider to prevent crimes more easily and reduce the cost of active spying. The idea is practical and fast solved some problems such as anonymous hacking. The weakness of the point is that this idea will allow the government and the service provider have great power to regulate or even being spied with their speech once there online activity has been associated to real informations. There are many methods of maintaining security and prevent crime, but for my brief has opposite purpose towards the idea.

also, one member also mentioned to set up a safer email checking system to prevent virus and leak of information. The email can also be treated as one of the portals of accessing informations, which gives me some hint of how the information has been leak out.

There are many functions that are related owards the solution, but overall in everyone’s proposal it seems to have a difficulty to change the situation form the junior designer background. As the problem is highly constructed and related towards to country policy, there are little way we can change significantly or seems impossible to achieve for an practical solution. From the discussion i observed that using passive actions such as reminder or notification will be a better and easier approach.  From the head of brainstorm there are just initial concept of my goals, but it turn up to practical consideration. The brain storm is a good practice to see and being reflect how others think of my issue and how they think can help, and show some new view point for me to improve my brief.