Post 9 Visual documentation of the brainstorming session



We can clearly see the development of our problems. For our big problem we can also intuitive to see each team member is not the same research direction. All the details of the data gave us a lot of help to study our own fields. In our mapping, we will actively discuss with each other about the details and share resources as well. Through this exercise, I get a lot of very useful feedback, which adjusted my research direction. For our designers, comments and feedback is really important, we have to learn to accept the views and improve our work. Teamwork is very meaningful. Things have two sides, this exercise also allows us to analyze and look at the problem from different aspects, so that our design can better serve these groups.



Although we can receive a lot of information, but there are a lot of information is very messy, which in a sense, a bit of a waste of time. This exercise will not give you a lot of opportunity to think deeply about a point, because the content to be discussed too much, we share resources at the same time there are not many opportunities to further develop our own research. Some of your focus may be difficult to communicate with the team members.


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