post 8:Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

Yuchun Yu

After all these 7 weeks, we finally focus on the specific thing that we have about mental health, mine one is the connection between the video game addiction and teenager’s mental illness.

we made a rough mind map as a five-people group for each person for brainstorming, mine one is quite rough.

Who does the problem effect?
Mostly, teenagers and men.

  1. When does the problem occur?  The problem occur in the puppetry. It need to be fix as soon as possible.
  2. Where does the problem occur? Internet bar, home, any places have computers and internet.
  3. when does it need to be fixed? As soon as possible.



Design an event or competition to help people walk out to their home, make them get in touch with the real world. The name of the game/event  could be “POKEMON GO in the real life “.

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