Post 9: Progress report

Unfortunately as previously mentioned in post 8, I was unable to attend the majority of the class where we completed the solution mapping and brainstorming. Therefore over the last week since that class I have been experimenting with data visualization relating to tweets as performed for out web scraping activity. This is where I am at so far:

Screenshot 2016-09-20 21.21.19.png

This image represents 18000 tweets made over a month long period with the key words of hacked, leak and surveillance. The y axis of the graph shows the amount of followers that the individual has. This shows that there is a very large amount of people talking about the idea of hacking and surveillance but not enough influential (those with large follower count) people are talking about the same issues. It is those ‘media influencers’ that provide action for change.

Now that I have a proof of concept, I intend to continue this to a series of different key words to provide insight into what people are talking about.

Jack Sinclair