Post 8: Brainstorming Possibilities for a Design Response

As complex as the issue of housing affordability is, over the many weeks researching, probing and interviewing, I have managed to gather some key insights. Although they are still quite broad and are not specific, they are good to bounce ideas off.

  • There are a new generation of young Australians who want to live the renting lifestyle and spend money on holidays and experiences.
  • Young Australians are discouraged because of the bleak outlook of the housing market.
  • The issue is not being dealt with and if so, (the government) it’s not working. Most of Australia has accepted this phenomenon to be something that cannot be changed.
  • Young Australians dream big (The Australian Dream) but know they will not ever get there which is demotivating.
  • Young Australians/Hopeful homeowners are not educated enough in the issue.

From my insights, I can see that an underlying issue is the lack of information and awareness, coupled with the demoralising thought of not being able to afford a house.

From that, I have coined a few possible design solutions:

  • An clear, concise aesthetically pleasing e-book or small pdf that visually shows the stats of the Australian housing market. Take the words out (which is usually any document that details the housing affordability crisis) to engage people who don’t want to read scholarly articles to understand.
  • A website or app that is a map of affordable housing. This may have been done before? What can I do differently.
  • Posters that promote the renting/buying experiences lifestyle.
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