Post 8 Brainstorming Possibilities for a Design Response

From the group brainstorming session I have been focused on five key words associate to obesity issue, which are laziness, willpower, social pressure, Tess Hollidays (plus-sized model) and discrimination. The issue mapping reveals both positive and negative aspects around social media. Positive aspects include athlete’s influence, healthy food trend, recipe sharing and social pressure in someway. Negative sides involve positive body movement, plus-sized model influence, morbidly beauty standard. After that I decided to focus on specifically social media impact on teens and young adults.


Who does the problem effect?

The problem affects mostly everyone who uses Internet and social media but in this session I specifically focus on teens and young adults as they are easy to persuade and lack of awareness about obesity and health.


What are the boundaries of the problem?

Teenager’s low awareness of health and they are easy to influence by friends, social media and celebrities. And also their low willpower would be one of the boundaries.


When does the problem occur? When does it need to be fixed?

When the Internet had been built and social media has been blooming. The issue needs to be fixed once it threatens teen’s health and make the younger generation facing obesity problem.


Where is the problem occurring?

It is occurring on Internet and the social network platform.


Why is it important that the problem is fixed? What impact does it have on all stakeholders?

As the most important age group for whole society, teens and young adults being obese is a very serious problem because obesity can be highly harmful to them both physically and mentally.


Summary of five possibilities

  • Enhance teens awareness of obesity and health
  • Focus on how social media can positively influence teens and young adults
  • Using social pressure to boost their willpower.
  • Set competition between friends
  • Using social network platform to advocate healthy living


Draft Proposal

My initial proposal is to associate iOS or Android’s Health app to user’s Facebook. The service allows them to view how many steps their friends take per day and interact each other with thumbing up or thumbing down. Every day’s champion is being awarded. By setting a competition on every day’s steps taking, walking and running distance and flight climbed, this project provides a positive competitive atmosphere to persuade customers being more active.