Post 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

With a main focus on ideas of negative media representation of asylum seekers and refugees, my probe slowly moved myself to consider on a person’s inability or feeling of inability to take positive action on the issue. Media plays an important role in presenting us with current news and events; but perspectives can be skewed depending on biases and media’s participation to manipulate opinions.

I started off reflecting on my process, and wanting to incorporate 5 crucial points in my statement:

  • Awareness of the issue: people who are not generally aware of the overall story and impact that asylum seekers and refugees have that could directly or indirectly affect them, whether it is at a political, economic or social level.
  • Active participation: people are aware of the issue, but are not invested enough in the issue to become actively involved. There is a need to help, but there are not sufficient avenues on how to help.
  • Media representation: negative language is already in place to refer to asylum seekers and refugees makes it difficult to establish a more positive media environment to bring more positive acknowledgement.
  • There is no direct or simple solution to solve the asylum seeker/refugee crisis. It is important to understand that the issue is complex and that the issue affects people differently.
  • Identifying a target audience who is aware of the issue, who is aware there is a need for something to be done but need an avenue to help that does not affect them negatively.
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