POST 8: Brainstorming Possibilities for a Design Response

On the week before last week , we were assigned in a group of 4 to have a group brainstorming exercise, which required 4 of us to come up with potential design solutions as many as possible to a series of issue statements.
There are two steps in this exercise. The first step was for each group to propose a problem statement in regard to individual issues. The second step was for each group member to take 10-15 minutes in average to present their initial research in order to summarise a problem statement for further discussion.

The following is my problem statement read:
‘In an intimate relationship, women are lacking of the awareness that verbally and emotionally abusing is as bad as physically attacking women. Once the problem occurred, the victims might feel helpless and don’t know who they should ask for help from.’

There were few questions to be sorted before I came up with this problem statement.
Who does the problem effect?
women in a relationship aged from 18-24 who are in relationships
What are the boundaries of the problem?
Some victims don’t really realise that what they are suffering is actually a form of violence;
Women in a relationship have limited knowledge of who they should ask for help from.
What would happen when it’s fixed?
The victims would know what they should do about the issue to help themselves;
Improving victims’ psychological and physical health.
What would happen if the problem wasn’t solved?
The number of victims would be increasing;
Victims’ health would be threatened.
When does the problem occur?
At an intimate relationship
When does it need to be finished?
Anytime as long as it happens.
Why is it important that the problem is fixed?
There are huge number of women suffering from violence in multiple forms even without their realisation;
Violence is harmful for women’ s psychological and physical health, which would be influencing their daily life.
After this, each group members began to brainstorm possible brain responses in regard to the aspect of data visualisation, generative systems and service design. The brainstorm session is intense and fast-paced. it is to find that the student who was presenting the problem statement would be easily to get stuck in a certain category of design. Thus, it was very interesting to see the contrast between different ideas among each groups and the process of how a rough idea turned into a potential solution at the very end.

Five Points summary

  • Design a mobile application that helps women to test out if they are suffering any form of intimate partner violence and also show them what they could do to avoid it happening. This service design is aim to raise women’ s awareness of intimate partner violence and show them solutions if they were suffering from intimate partner violence.
  • Create a series of shocking posters to ask women to stand up and speak out. Intimate partner violence is a very sensitive and private area that most women would choose to be quite towards it. Thus, this design is to encourage women to be brave and take actions
  • Data visualisation that harsh and abusive words that correspond or equate to physically abusive actions.
  • Shooting a video/ advertisement to show the large number of women were killed from intimate partner violence/ domestic violence.
  • To record the phrases/ images/ videos that are generated through social media, i.e. Twitter, Facebook that seem harmless but actually quite abusive and display them on screen in a public space.

Draft proposal
‘ A mobile app for women ‘
I am proposing a mobile app that helps women to figure out if they are suffering in any form of intimate partner violence and show them the correspond solutions. The app will seek to help women in logical and functional methods. The app is also seeks to raise women’s awareness of intimate partner violence in their relationships.
The design of the interface will be emotionally related to women, i.e. The typography, colour scheme, language, tone of voice, etc. The application is free and can be accessed via mobile phones anonymously without any log in details requirement. This is for a better privacy protection.
A series of posters/ flyers will also come along to promote the mobile app. They will be displayed on the place on the areas where young women aged between 18- 24 years old visiting frequently, i.e. female bathroom, university blackboards, pubs, train stations etc.

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