Post 8.

Through my extensive research, I found that the lack of rape services in prisons for men was an interesting thought. It is a topic that is not thought about too much and has little to no coverage.

Through the brainstorming session of week 6, I found that there were different ideas that covered a broad spectrum.

  • Data Visualising the number of rapes that occur in prison and comparing that with the numbers of how many cases are looked into. From my research, I found it to be very interesting that many cases of prison rape are disregarded.
  • Data Visualising the amount of times prison rape is portrayed in media, films and television and how it is portrayed. Prison rape in terms of film can be seen as a dark, demeaning act to something that is added for a comedic touch.
  • A service design that allows prisoners to come out and talk anonymously without being ridiculed. This one would be an interesting case to pick as I would have to design around the strict rules that are set within the prison settings.
  • Generative System – scrapping social media on how prison rape is viewed/ talked about. How it is portrayed or used in slang eg. jokes like “Don’t drop the soap”.
  • Data visualisation of how prison rape is taken as a light hearted subject in stand up comedy by comedians. Prison rape is often poked fun at in stand up as it is an area that not many people can relate to.

The idea that I am gearing towards is the data visualisation of how prison rape is portrayed in media, film and television. Although I know that we are supposed to focus our project in terms of local context, I feel that the Australian society is heavily influenced by the foreign film market particularly with the American media.

Highlighting how prison rape is portrayed in film can help form a connection to why is it often disregarded as a topic. Films like the Shawshank Redemption highlight prison rape as something that is tormenting and demeaning whilst films like Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay use an extremely light hearted take on the topic. I feel like the topic in general is made fun of so often that it loses all seriousness as a whole resulting in the poor treatment of victims of prison rape.

I would also like to used real world statistics to further reinforce the seriousness of the matter. This will be used in contrast to the data visualisation of prison rape in film to shock the audience and really get the information through.


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