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by mart yeung



From the brainstorming, i found that the idea of my preposition:I am going to investigate how “human rights of freedom of speech can be preserved from overpowered of surveillance” is a complex issue to come up with, which i modified it to be: to maintain balance between human rights of privacy and freedom of speech against surveillance

I have think of the design solution of help to improve the human rights and protection of privacy and freedom of speech from the surveillance force, and find a balance of two. It has been a way from Identifying the problems and what stakeholders is benefited, and also in what stage or positions that the situation can be improved. Everything can be determined from this point:

how can the situation be changed? how the situation has been formed?

From the research I found that the main problem that allow the issue going more wide spread is the ignorance of the public itself to keep an eye on their own privacy, and there aren’t really safe method of protecting people from being tracked (e.g. VPN) and collect big data (such as social media). The computer system and application tend to have trace of what people type and access which leaves a danger for hackers or even security to get your personal record. More example can be found in countries that restrict access to data and government having a high power to inspect personal communication , for example China. These situation can also be seen in all around the world as many website requires login and provide personal detail, or have to link to social media for accessing the free service. Many users are not aware of the terms and conditions of the website and cause a portal to collect personal data. Under these set up there is hard to find good direct method to protect personal data and conversation.

1.What can be done to give a change is from a more basic and wide-spread method: a reminder or education of the importance of the self data. The possibilities can be either raising awareness of users for their rights or protecting them from the spying directly, which i consider them as active” method and “passive method”. Active method is setting up designs that are provide an active protection or strong method, and the passive method is methods that reminds users to prevent issue happen. The idea of doing the practice is to encourage public to understand their own rights and check out how their information has been used up to date. An application may works well by collecting their own personal data (birth dates, names) and see how many websites have it, and let them see how their information has been used.

2 .another  possibilities is that set up a filter or a word reminder to identify sensitive words for surveillance from suspecting you. As some words or some access of dangerous information, such as making weapons and child porn, will be selected and recorded by surveillance to check whether you are potentially criminal, so that every time users enter words in search engine or social media they can see how their expression or comment can be suspected as criminal. These method can be also applied in the restriction of other countries that people can see how words are being suspected in other countries. The main constrain is that there might be hard way to collect the exact word from the surveillance.

3.Some idea of possibilities can be setting up some voice out or campaign, which can be an action that people passing around some slangs as a reminder to what information will leak out on internet and beware of that, but I haven’t have much thoughts on and will have to research more to identify the cat content. of the possibilities is an in-built application that reminds you overtime, which when you fill in your personal information the reminder will show up to alert you whether you want to provide those information and how the particular will use your information. This idea can be useful but requires lots of engineering and data collection technologies to achieve.
  1. A fake identity generator can also be a possibility to investigate as o hidden all identities and personal detail that have to provide in the online platforms, leaving no trace for security to check and inspect your data. Though it also can be a potential method for criminals to hidden their activity.
Overall I hope these brainstorm of solution can help me think of my preposition and see how the idea can be presented is a achievable way.



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