POST 7: Issue mapping


I learnt that though working with people who are doing the same topic, their understanding and value are different to other people. Through their perspective, unseen facts and ideas can be discovered. We created an issue map focusing on the relationship between government and individual. As we go through each the relationship between each stakeholder and emotion on this topic helps clarify how each of them affects each other. As we link up the relationships, we move on identifying the tension. Mapping out the tension of the issue provide a clear reason of the nature of the problem. In our cases, government and individual; Individual gain incentive, services and intellectual property rights while losing their freedom, privacy and ownership.

However our input was not extensive enough to identify the nature of the problem. We should more open and write down any small thing that might relevant to the issues.


In the exercise where we pretend to be an actor, it provokes more thoughts about the possible issues that is causing the issue right now. Through identifying the role of the object, it helps revealing association of it with people, politics, and issues. Which ultimately, find out a small issue that could be solved and make a step forward to tackle the online privacy issue.

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