Post 6 Data Scrapping

The platforms I decide to choose as the web scraper are twitter and Facebook. Nowadays, these two social network can be seen as the most popular social media. Therefore, I can obtain abundant information about ‘Obesity and Healthy Living’ through them.


   In the past, only newspaper, TV or websites are the media. With the appearance of Twitter, it has broken the rule. Twitter is a kind of social networking service which you can send “tweets” with 140 characters. It means that you can post anything interesting anytime and anywhere. Correspondingly, there is information explosion, so I can use the key words or hash tags to search concerned tweets I focus on.



  Facebook is another social networking which people can share anything. Facebook really resembles a spacious net which contains everybody. You may find a friend whom you can lost in touch with on Facebook. In short, you can see various kinds of life of others. Absolutely, I can find the information I need about obesity and healthy living. 


Twitter requires that the maximum you send is 140 characters. Therefore, the content of each tweets will not be too long, and useful information can be got more easily and quickly. Different form twitter, Facebook has richer contents. If more details are needed, the stuff on Facebook will be helpful. The advance of the former one is efficiency, the latter is its rich and detailed contents.


The using of Facebook and twitter is very easy. When I typed the key words “overweight obesity children” in the search bar, within seconds, I can get the information concerned. The left I need to do is to choose those are useful for me.


Firstly, I see there are two seemingly useful tweets. The Sun tweets: NHS pays out £125m for obesity operations. Undoubtedly, obesity has been a big problem for healthy living. Obesity has been a modern disease and develops into a problem which need to be controlled as soon as possible.


Indeed, obesity is a problem, but frequent talking on obesity seems not so good as well. As clicking into the link, I can see another point.


When we talk too much about this obesity epidemic being a problem associated with healthy problems and so on it means weight loss should be a good thing. It is absolutely not correct. In fact, there need to be balanced. The weight should not go to extremes. Being too skinny or fat is exactly the problem.

Secondly, I see the other reason about obesity on Facebook.


It can be seen that obesity is extremely prevalent in poor parts of the world. The reason is that those cheap, sugary processed foods and drinks are more available for children in lower middle-income countries, and, naturally, children are tend to grow fatter.


It is very clear that the reason of obesity depends many factors. It might be caused by food itself or eating habit. With the help of social networking such as Twitter or Facebook, we can get everything there is to know. The next need to do is to discover useful information, to find critical clues, gather background and analyze the present situation. Under this condition, we can figure out the deeper reason, and we can finally know the truth.

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