post 4

by mart yeung

I found some data collection and explanation of how online privacy affects people in a designer perspective.





In researching any design studio that is also working onto the issue, it is hard to find one as the problem is highly bond to legal and national security problems.

as they are infographic design more then the design studio , the way they describe the issue are more in analyzing the situation and factual data. They are all aimed to explain who the data has been collected. the first graphic start up with a “you are being watched!” headline which gives me a shock of awarding my self situation as “being spied”, and it start to explain how the technologies works. After the explanation it introduce some methods of preventing spying which is using browser plugin to check if your online activity has leave any trace mark, as well as installing applications to hinder your history and IP address to prevent tracking.

this few design graphic gives me an understanding on how the data retention actually works: through the collection of history from the service provider, the cookies and enter personal informations on some online platforms, and as well as through the IP address portal. These are the main technologies that are related the practical procedure of a person leaking its own information. From being acknowledge these terms i am able to target the issue and how can i help to prevent it with existing technologies.

Also, the area the posters mentioned gives me an inspiration that how the privacy can be possibly reserved. VPN as they mentioned is a application that creates a fake or relocate your local IP address so that companies or surveillance can’t target where the user is at, so as a way to keep your real personal data such as location and real name hidden.

I think these posters can be treated as design project as they expressed the nature of the issue. From the research the focus of the issue is about the unknown threat insecure of our own data being collected and used for inspecting as well as marketing, which the law and the service system itself allows them to. The problem is many people are unaware of the potential problems brought up from inputing personal informations around and those charts, as a solution, explains and disclose the relationship of the technologies parts and the way of collecting data. The design method of disclosing knowledge can be used in further exercises.



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