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Talking about online issues there is hard to find factual journalist photos or documentary as the issue itself is all over online, so I found some comics that express the concern of the potential threats and dangers of data retention by the authority.


5 Tools to Protect Your Privacy Online


Too Much Information


Easy-to-Use Tools to Keep Your Online Privacy




The comic shows the relationship of users and surveillance through the internet.As we now rely heavily on the information we get from internet, as a huge platform that allow us to communicate and get along with the global trend.Internet is a two side sword, that as people broke and post information the records will go through the big data, which companies will have all your internet access, but this open portal of accessing data can be leading the misuse of personal information, even just a feeling of being spied.

The unknown fear exist in both sides: the surveillance are fear of potential threats such as terrorist attack and criminal activities, and go through procedures to filter and investigate on every act of the users; the users are enjoying the convienincy of accessing information and entertainment but not aware of being spied, and some will have the unknown fear of every act they did will be suspected and recorded.

The following images are all expressing the same idea: we are being spied and our information and personal statement are bing exposed outside of the internet, such as gender , status, comment and stand points such as political comments. This are bing critiqued as “age of too much information” .

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