Post 10: Reflection and proposition

In week 7, I was a bit confused about what I should do for my proposition. I was also confused about the different practice type as well. I thought of making a data visualisation to let people be aware of how same-sex couples have to go through. However, after long hours of research, it is not possible to find enough data on how many same-sex couples had gone oversea to marriage or where do they go.

In week 8, everything is kind of fall into places. I had ideas for my 3 visuals which was really useful for this tutorial. I got a really good solution for me to go with that direction and here is the details.


Project: One Way Ticket

Practice Type: Data Visualisation


The Aim:

  • To create an awareness for people to understand how same-sex couples had to get married oversea
  • To maybe change perspective of people who against marriage equality
  • To give a general knowledge of countries that have legalised same-sex marriage
  • To show how much they have travelled and spent to find home where they are accepted


The Issue:

  • Same-sex couples could not get married in their own country (Australia) so significant number of couples have immigrated to oversea where same-sex marriage is accepted to married and live.
  • They have to travel for very long distances and spend a lot of money to get to their destination.
  • Some of their families cannot join their special day because of varies of issues.


The Design:

  • Data that will need to be collected (countries where same-sex marriage is legal, distance from here to there, one-way plane ticket price, hours to get there)
  • Design will be in boarding pass form to give a feeling of a plane ticket
  • Data will be on the back of the boarding pass
  • Some facts
  • Will be printed out and give out to people.


The Possible Change:

  • Support same-sex couples who have gone through a big decision and go oversea
  • Support LGBTIQ community emotively
  • Change anti-same-sex marriage people views on Same-sex couples
  • Hopefully a PLEBISCITE.



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