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Data digital flow

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As the start of invertigation of the issue, an primary undrstanding of the issue is essentical is allow myself understand the nature and details of the so about. My issue is Online privacy, data and surveillance, which are mainly cover how the online activity related to privacy problems, and how it is formed. Here is some articles of the topics:

personal insight to discuss:

5 Tools to Protect Your Privacy Online

Too Much Information

government related:

marketing related:
Large Man Looking At Co-Worker With A Magnifying Glass
here are so many topics of data and online privacy issue that haven’t been recorded, but mainly can be drafted under few points:
  1. online privacy issues are mainly around legal problem and regulations
  2. the online service collects big data and some companies and surveillance use the data for different purpose
  3. big data is the data and trace marks of our online activity, such as personal birth date, names, browser history, location,etc.
  4. there are potential threat of misuse of online data to commit crime, such as illegal trading and hacking
  5. the problem is “totally invisible to users. They have no idea what’s happening.””
  6. intelligence companies uses key words and social media platforms as a method to extract data
  7. the issue is going hot with social media and google application, which the issue extends itself from the range of personal emails to application on phone
  8. there are mainly two sides of the issue with surveillance: supporting data retention as to find out potential threats; or against data retention as to protect personal privacy
  9. there are suspect on government or companies to extract the private data illegally and use in non-benefitual purpose to public
  10. campaign are set up to raise awareness of online privacy
10: application and technologies has been developed to act against data retention and protect privacy
The brief resources from the internet provides me a brief understanding on the issue, though many of them have a stand point on how the online surveillance will protect safety or invading privacy, and those insights and researches can be leading me to further understanding. A secondary research maybe need for the next post.