Possibilities for a Design Response

Blog Post 8 by Wiana Inthapanya

In week six’s studio session, we were prompted to individually respond to the questions of whowhatwhenwhere and why in relation to our chosen issue. This provided us a foundation to build our propositions and to identify the subjects involved. It was important to be specific with the questions as it allowed me to fine tune my proposition further for a clearer statement.

Who does the problem affect?

Mental Health can affect people of all ages, sex and demographics. I decided to focus my main concerns on adolescents and students in university. Aged between 18 to 24 year olds.

What are the boundaries of this issue?

  • Social pressure and expectations
  • Celebrities and social influencers
  • Workload and exams
  • Bullying/trouble at home
  • Perfectionist
  • Limit of time
  • Financial struggles

When does the problem occur?

University students often find themselves overly stressed during exam periods having to meet expectations of passing their subjects. Other issues may occur when they are lonely and don’t have anyone to rely on. Stress and anxiety generally triggers people at different stages as every individual is different.

Where does the problem occur?

I will be basing my proposition within Australia focusing on Australian university students. If I needed to be more specific to cater to a definitive data set, my location of choice would be Design students from University of Technology, Sydney.

Why is this issue important?

Although mental health prevention is greatly broadcasted today compared to many years ago, the stigma on mental health is still very common – especially in students. After reflecting back on my research, most students would not inform anyone unless they are asked. I think that it’s so common to fall stressed at university with assessment due dates and exams that it’s almost becoming a social norm in today’s society. Targeting, preventing and raising greater awareness will help break the stigma of mental health in university students so they don’t collapse in a more severe state of depression that may lead to suicide.

Draft Proposition

Targeting mental health concerns on students at University of Technology, Sydney to raise awareness and prevent severe depression & anxiety.

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