Issue Mapping

Blog Post 7 by Wiana Inthapanya
Another mapping exercise took place during our studio session with the collaborative participation of my group members. The aim of this exercise was to draw out relatable keywords to the theme of Mental Health under the categories of barriers, people, representations, assistance, issues, politics and emotional behaviour.
This was our result from a quick 15 minutes of brainstorming. The idea of creating a brainstorm of ideas around the table allowed all users to get involved simultaneously. This unraveled different opinions and we were able to bounce off information from one another.
The things I have learnt from collaborative group work from not only in today’s session but the previous weeks of mapping include:
  • Being introduced to scenarios from different perspectives. An example of this was one of the group member’s high interest on the increasing numbers of mental health in people living in rural NSW. This issue arose due to the increase in housing affordability forcing people to move out of the suburban areas and into locations that are more affordable but carry issues of isolation leading up to depression as they are separated from loved ones and their normal life.
  • The discussions allow me to refine my understanding. I realised that sharing my opinions in person to my group has actually allowed me rephrase my ideas in a more composed manner because sometimes I find it difficult to express in my mind.
  • Sharing a knowledge of skills. There are so much more approaches to resolving and identifying issues relating to mental health. Undertaking these mapping exercises have allowed us to each week expand our knowledge on the field and come together to share our what else we learnt.
Towards the end of this task, all group members were able to decide on their proposition statement and their area of interest to further research for our next assessment process.