Brainstorming on the Issue of Hidden Discrimination Against LGBTIQ in Employment

Post 9 by Zhengzhi Chen


All the insights documented in my Post 8 were gained from the brainstorming session.

Issue Statement

Brainstorming Issues
Brainstorming on Hidden Discrimination Against LGBTIQ in Employment
Issue Statement of Hidden Discrimination Against LGBTIQ in Employment

Brainstorming Possible Design Solutions

Possible Design Solutions to the Hidden Discrimination Against LGBTIQ in Employment, created by Kathy Ngo, April Bae, Josh Parker, Calvin Thy and me


  • My strength in logical thinking definitely helped me in the brainstorming session.
  • I knew exactly what this issue was so it was easy for me to come up with the who, what, when, where and why of the issue.
  • In the group session of brainstorming possible design solutions, all our brains ran wild so we came up with amusing keywords that might or might not be relevant to the issue.
  • My group clearly think more visually than I do, which made my brainstorming solution map more visually understandable than my personal maps.


  • My logical thinking was not visually presented in a clear way.
  • I understood the issue too well to come up with an effective design solution.
  • The time constraint of this brainstorming session limited the variety of the design solutions devised by my group.
  • I think better while typing than writing, which explains why my Post 8 has more content than my brainstorming maps.
  • Our wild ideas did not land or become anything useful for possible design solutions.
  • Similar ideas kept popping up in the solution brainstorming session.