Blog Post Nine. Visualising the process.


The brainstorming map above shows a large range of ideas which address the issue of Aboriginal deaths, mistreatment and neglect under the supervision of Australian Law Enforcement. The results varied across the three emergent practices of data visualisation, generative design and service design and included many ideas ranging from fit-bit systems which monitored heart rates and health to social media campaigns and live video feeds of CCTV footage from within the prisons walls.

As I was the only person from my issue group to attend this class, I was placed into another issue group to complete this particular brainstorming task. This produced unique strengths and weaknesses to the group environment. As the rest of my group were somewhat unfamiliar with my issue, they were able to produce unexpected and fresh ideas as well as bringing a motivated approach to the task. The weakness of this group dynamic was that some of the members didn’t have a deep knowledge and understanding of my issue meaning that I had to use some of our time explaining my own research which took away from the natural flow of the exercise.

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