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Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

by Jennifer Guerim Kim 


I identified issues and problem statement to determine proposals on the last blog post. I will examine specific target audience and clear understanding of my topic through five ‘W’ s which are ‘who, what, when, where, and why’.


The general consumers particularly who want / need to improve their health condition and are interested into dietary life by intaking essential nutrients in balance. It will be beneficial impact on consumer who would like to do productive their grocery consumption with accurate awareness of nutrition facts especially in sugary foods. Moreover, it will affects on the company or manufacturers of food industry.


Design solution will support to establish certain understanding about the sugar and strong awareness of what product/ food includes how much amounts of sugar they’ve included and how much sugar consumer needs to intake depends on individual health condition. It also delivers representation of structured infographic graphics of complex information to people access easily.


Anytime in everywhere; when they do shopping, prepare to meal and check their health balance.


Everywhere at anytime; where they purchase grocery products, particularly sugary foods at shopping centre, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and their home etc.


All of customer have responsibility to recognise about the product how much amount of sugar include in fact and improve each of consumers’ health through improvement of knowledge impact and effectiveness of sugar on body. They also need to know hidden forms of sugar on package and advertisement to avoid excessive sugar intake and reduce consumption of sugary foods.


Brainstorming potential design solutions


After specified topic through generating of 5 ‘W’s, I discussed about my possibilities of design solution with group and it was opportunity to expand my ideas with peers in overall. Then I re-organised my brainstorm in broad ways of design thinking and this process navigates what I should research more about and existed design for health caring service such as health interface design by delivering clear infographic and simple information. It also needs what kinds of campaign for health and obesity issue already started and what’s their profits and effectiveness.



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