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Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

by Jennifer Guerim Kim 

Reflection on the process

The process of brainstorming, collaborative issue mapping and discussion of ideas in participatory weekly group work lead my uncertain ideas to identify as topic within the cultural, economical and political sectors. Moreover, weekly documenting on blog support direction of design processes and develop depth on issue that inform a design possibility.

Problem statement

I will articulate possibilities about issue of sugary foods intake which relates with our healthy living, impacts on culture of consumption and generates conflict about economic consequence between policy of government and management of food company through taxation of sugary sweetened beverages.

Identified Issues 

  • Design should inform accurate knowledge of sugar which has both beneficial and detrimental effects on issue of obesity and our healthy living. It supports how sugar becomes to be an essential part of our physical and psychological cycling through historical references and scientific research. In comparison, it needs to alert awareness of negative influence on our body and ultimate cause of obesity or related diseases to people who have ignorant behaviour about sugar.
  • Significant numbers of consumer have not purchased sugary foods or products without recognition of nutrition facts which presents how much sugar include. They usually persuaded by sympathetic advertisement and exaggerated package design without any knowledge of hidden form of sugar.
  • To avoid obesity and high level of cholesterol, people have lack of awareness how much we need to exhaust physical energy and what kinds of physical movement support to burn fats from sugar intake.
  • It is important to survey of public opinion about the taxation of sugary sweetened beverages which is ongoing process of political issue that increasing consumption of sugary food is one of the serious problem world widely. And persuade people to let them change their mind as taxation is more important to reduce obesity related issues in diverse ways than profits of company on food industry.
  • People have weak mind to cook low sugary foods and lack of awareness about replaceable organic ingredients instead of sugary processed foods.
  • To prevent children obesity who is one of the major target audience of sugary sweetened foods, design should focus on how it will educate about their eating habits and improve understanding of sugar at the level of children.


I aim to create a service design through user experience design tools which is one of the importance of designing and enhancing solving issues in contemporary our lives. It will prevent obesity and lead people to live healthier than nowadays’ their ignorance and lack of seriousness of their body by sugar intake that is an interaction between users and issues. Its high value of usability and accessibility to be one of the closest digital platform on our ordinary life to alert risk level of sugar depends to people depends on each their health conditions individually and lead them to do physical movement follow their sugar intake. Moreover, easy and simple infographic statics, icons and graphic elements will develop their general knowledge of nutrition facts or recognition of what many different kinds of hidden forms of sugar appeared at package or advertisement.


Author: Jennifer

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