Blog 9

During the group discussion process, our group use a table form mapping to sort our main topics element and list down the dot point down with each relative topic.


By using the mapping issues, the advantage we can notice is that we know clearly with each detail of the topic and each potential element that hide in the column. With clearly mind of the issues, we can figures out the solution quickly and focus on the problem easily. For example, the discussion of refugee we list out the important issues, we can use mapping to extend the potential problem that we can’t see on the surface. We bring out what we may need to consider to the surface and analysis them. 5W method brings out the main point and big picture of refugee problem. Then the government settlement, society security, public welfare, religion different and refugee right, those main aim points are what we need to consider and make a solution to the each of relative topic.


However, the weakness of mapping is sometime mapping will trap our mind into the fixation position, which means you won’t be able to think incredibly with the certain topic. For example, if we follow up the mapping method, we will not be able to consider that refugee will cause the global chaos and economic system chaos. Because you can’t imagine that refugee will bring out the terrorist problems and affect the society system.


Therefore, mapping is the a good way to collect and extend the ideas, but not a good way to predict the consequences.


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