Blog 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

At the beginning of brainstorming session,  I was asked write clear issue what I focus on. After that, we discuss the idea of possible proposals with own issue topic together and also help each other to  explore our own issue topic with same group member.

Here is what I focus issue point: 👇

Initial problem statements:
The issue of Users do not understand the use of the network will result in privacy leakage,particularly when using public net.


Learning through research that lots of people have no idea of their data will be collected or overshare, when they used public network in public space.  Nowadays, there are many public places and companies offer free internet, in order to facilitate people’s live. However, the complexity of the contract agreed make a lot of users are completely unaware (or haven’t careful read them yet ) the rick of using this net. Ad email, spam, email address risk, and so on become the major drawbacks of using public net.


Here are 5 possible solutions to approach the problem 👇


  • Data visualization:  map area of most problem.

Using visual mapping to show the the area offer net with different danger degree by different color. It make to warning people to the risks. The color is more bright means using this net is more danger.

  • Service Design: website that blocks coming companies/ transfers

Creating a website or APP to block coming companies and data leaking.When this app installed  on the mobile phone, it will  alert user some net has danger issue before  using that network.

  • Data visualization: Warning of someone looking at yow data/activity

it probable is a kind of  database that record data give out by the user. By monitor and collection all online action and show comparison table that how much data oversharing, make more people pay attention and know this problem

  • Service design: When log in wifi , using TC( Technical Cooperation)  to attraction.

 This idea little like one example from i did one research in blog 4?.   Using TC to interception the possibility of information leakage。



My design project’s aim is let more people to attention and know this problem. At the same time, this project also help people to solve this problem and strengthening online data security,when they using public network.

But now, I am still not consider of I will use data visualization or service design to purpose. I want not only keep the point of  using visual impact to warning, but also this project be functional. I will find a correct way to arrive these two place.