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After the class exercise in week 6, the brief requires us to indicated the process of the exercises in detail. Also writing a proposal based on we the mapping that we evaluated and analyze the five points identified above.

During the exercises, a group of four were provide four different aspects from refugees and asylum seekers, we use the method of ‘who what where when why’, which is very easy to fall the issues apart. Afterwards, we can just combine the five points together and mix up with a statement of the specific issue. This exercise really give me some inspiration, and we share some of the information that I might know which is really helpful.


*Refugee’s rights

Refugees’ right is a very serious issue that people and society need to aware of, the Australian citizen should be understanding whatever is where the political side and the society side.

*Education of newly arrived refugees

Many of refugees people are suffering poorly educated condition from their own country, maybe the society should help them in this side.

*Relationship about social and refugees

The public sometimes still against the refugees, it is been a very serious issue at the moment.

*Living conditions about refugees

A large numbers of refugees still live in a poor living conditions.

*Work opportunity of refugees

Some of the working place still against of refugee people



Nowadays, some people still against newly arrived refugees, this is an on going issue but it even would be worse.  The refugee’s right need to be aware with and the society need to spread some information of refugees because they have no choice. In my point of view to solve this problem need to lack of understanding from some of Australian people of who refugee one. And how they can positively contribute in Australia.

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