Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

written by Song-Yi Im

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 5.05.17 PM.png
Brainstorming map of bad shopping habit of parent

In the class week 6, our group was combined to other group who has same issue and work on brainstorming about topics. It was good chance to explain my narrowed topic, ‘parenting style and children’ and get perspective from people outside of group but has knowledge of obesity. We conducted brainstorming about each member’s chosen topic to find out possible solution designs. It progressed within limited time as we had to help mapping out everyone’s altogether. When it turned to my issue, one of tutor participated to map out and asked me to narrowed down my issue into one specific behaviour of parent rather saying parenting style. Thus, we worked in bad shopping habit of parent and brought possible design solution relate to generative and service design, and data visualisation form. This process helped me to understand how we should come up with ideas especially in service design. It required to think about user’s experience journey and break down stage of the experience. The solution can be changed depending on how design interrupt at which stage to impact user’s behaviour. Overall, it provides me larger perspective and various options that proposal can be further developed. little personal realisation is that I need to concentrated to suggest something that changes people’s behaviour and thoughts rather than thrusting substantial designs that directly interferes their attitude like legal regulation.

Weakness of process

  • limitation of idea as all tried to bring up the idea with considering potential outcomes for assignment

Strengths of process

  • Expanding insights with different perspectives
  • Participated people already have knowledge about the issue.
  • Designers’ point of view



Brainstorming map of bad shopping habit of parent

The first map conducted before finalised proposal statement on the post 8 that has objective of increasing participation of proper guidance on children behaviour. So my brain storming topic went further down to solve one specific negative behaviour of permissive parent, bad shopping choice. This is the map I individually created to brainstorm possibilities with final statement.

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