POST 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

In order to create a solution to a problem or even begin to understand it, the fine details of the background information of each problem within that problem must be analysed. Looking back at previous week’s classes, it was important to research what information was being provided about the issue and analysing / questioning it to reveal what people think about it. The process of identifying the actors revealed an understanding of the human and non-human actors within the problem and through the intricate investigations, the complexity of the issue. Categorising them all into specific groups revealed the link between each actor and their categories, as well as their similarities and differences.

By understanding existing problems, we can then see the intricate details of a bigger picture. It is significant to address all aspects of an issue to delve deeper in order to find a solution. This process and information showed the problem as a need for a service.

The benefit of analysing my topic was that it uncovered many layers of the complexities within my chosen issue.


By looking at the complexities, the current solutions and propositions began to flow through.




Completing these tasks revealed the beauty of collaboration and the endless possibilities that come through to every individual, especially when it’s something they really care about. It is a great tool to mind map and have brainstorming sessions with groups as every individual person and their perceptions of the world and their reality is unique and so they will always have different input and perspectives.

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