Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

In week 6, we also work as a group to ask the five questions to have an idea and learn from each other. In our group, we all choose different statement of climate change, which is water scarcity, smoke in China and awareness of waste (recycle). Because we did different topic, when we answer the questions, I found that some of the question we have same answer.

Problem Statement Map by Group

In the question ‘Who’, we think about our specific stakeholder, and we all have general public, future generation and government. However, for the government part, we all based on different department, such as weather bureau, waste management, and hydroelectric board.

In the question ‘When’, all of our problem happened overtime and before it is too late, these problem need to solve or remit, otherwise, it will become worse in the future.

About the question ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘Why’, each of us have different answers because of different topic and we did the research of different countries.


It is interesting to brainstorm with the group in different angle of climate change but answer same questions. I kind of enjoy that. Group work can let each of us tell what we think and have each other’s suggestion. This is a good way to learn from them and also listen to the their feedback. Sometime they can see or have some points, which you did not notice. Because everyone has different brain, we can support each other. For instance, some of us good at writing, and some of us good at thinking details.


As a group, sometimes we will have different opinion about one thing. Everyone want let members follow his or her direction, but sometimes we will be lead to a wrong way and we even don’t know we are wrong. That really wastes our time.

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