Post 9 Visual documentation of the brainstorming session


In week 6 section, we are having a big class but working in a small group of 3 people with the same issue. As our topics are all covering in different areas of mental health, tutor require us to put out all our computers away and start writing down things individually for around 10 mins. We start sharing our own statement and ideas with group mates giving feedback to each other. A last, we all mapping out the ideas and design solution for each person of the group.


To me the benefit of working as a group was I can get many inspiration and ideas from other, sometimes my group mate have different perspective and opinions which is grate for me to hear people with different position. Moreover, we all done a lot of research on mental health and we can always share some useful information and research. I definitely love the ideas of putting computers a way and work with a pen and a paper, I feel like more concentrate and came up with more ideas.  For the mapping section, I think it’s very good that we can map for each others ideas rather than doing our own maps, my group mate did helps me a lot to figuring out some design solution and ideas.


The only weaknesses that I can think of was time limitation, as we have to work on 3-4 ideas I think we don’t have enough time in class to work on each map with detail, so we only came up with some rough ideas than we have to switch to another maps. Sometimes having more opinions and ideas is good, but sometimes it’s not, I have got lots of solution and ideas from others, but I also will get confuse when I have lots of ideas.

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