Post 9: Visual documentation of the brainstorming session

Kathy Ngo


The IDEO 5 methodologies brought a very good structure to the group brainstorming activity. As following these 5 rules, we were much more creative and wilder in generating potential solutions. However, it also made sure we all stay focused on the topic and paying full attention and listen to the individual.

Surely, for the next group projects, I will apply these IDEO steps when we need to brainstorm ideas. These steps are definitely practical and easy to follow, also they help us to stay focused but also to be WILD at the same time.


Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 8.41.55 PM.png
Brainstorm Rules –



A map answering IDEO’s 5Ws


My collaborative map solving the Social acceptance and exclusion of Young LGBTIQ


Because the amount of time we spent to research the issue was too long, we haven’t been focused on design solutions. I was overwhelming with the big amount of information I got from research and I was lost of how to use these resources for design practice.

Our group has 5 members. Thus, we had less time to generate ideas than others. We were not quite clear about Service design and Generative Design. That was the main reason why our ideas were not really in-depth or related to the options. As we all have similar issues, our ideas were crossing over each other and duplicated. Some ideas were very interesting but either impossible to make or not really a design solution (again, we didn’t understand what the Service design and Generative design meant!)

I feel like we should have done this exercise earlier as it would’ve been more helpful for me to actually know what we need to research and what areas of data I should take and analyze. The mind mapping exercises were helpful but quite repetitive. There should have been a clear direction for us in the first place to guide us what to do during the rest of the semester instead of not actually showing us what the outcomes would be achieved (last year work examples). I believe the subject design could’ve been done much better and clearer for us as it had been a lot of confusion between the design brief, tutors and students.


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