post 9: visual documentation of the brainstorming session

Sunny Lai

The group brainstorming session from week 6 was quite similar to the many previous brainstorming sessions that had taken place. I feel that it was perhaps not as useful as before, as it felt repetitive more than anything else — as a group, we had already had quite extensive discussions and mapping exercises on the issue of mental health and frankly I do not believe we reached any new insights during this brainstorming session.

Nonetheless, it did have some advantages: as a collaborative process, it was useful practice in working with others while conducting design research, and allowed us to bounce ideas off each other. It also made us more familiar with the issue as we were discussing material that we had already previously discussed and considered, as opposed to material we were thinking about for the first time. This may have also led to more off-beat ideas that wouldn’t have come up in the initial brainstorming session


I found the above ‘what, when, where, who’ brainstorming exercise to be useful, as it was looking at the issues through particular perspectives of focus. These questions provided a guide to the brainstorming, which prevented it from becoming too sprawling and confused. The group discussion was also interesting because it showed differences in people’s thinking and brought to light other people’s ideas which I perhaps would not have thought of myself.