POST 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

written by Song-Yi Im


In this stage, I was asked to answered given 5 W question about the issue I’ve been developed and finally bring out proposal statement. The discovered problem through several weeks process so far is indulgent education of parent leaves unhealthy behaviour of kids. Based on this relationship between permissive parent and child obesity, the questionnaire conducted.

Issue: Permissive parent and children obesity

Who does the problem effect?

  • underage people (preschooler)
  • adult
  • society
  • public health

What are the boundaries of the problem?

  • Parenting is individual preference of guidance style that others hardly interfere. ‘Permissive’ is found in negative impact on eating and physical activities of child but it also is psychologically advantageous on building high emotional connection between parent and child. There is difficulty to put guideline that every permissive parents causes obese kids.
  • Regarding parenting as an main issue constrains range of beneficiary to children who has grown under their parents. (It cannot covers orphans who doesn’t have individual gaurdian)
  • Unqualified parents cannot educate their children properly. The parents also needed to be educated first of all.
  • The public education in school is also needed to be followed.

When does the problem occur?

  • Neglect and indulgent behaviour on their children.
  • Lack of control / parental guidance in their kids’ activity related to their health (screen time, dietary, junk food consumption, physical activity, and play time).
  • Lack of knowledge about healthy behaviour of parent


  • It happens within family but it has potential to be expended to society level.

Why is important?

The appropriate parenting method is important to shape life style of children, who has possibility to be parent in the future. The life habits built in childhood especially period of preschooler is likely to be continued to adulthood. Domestic education is an tangible inheritance remained as an family culture that descend to future generation. It means that educating children is also result of educating adult.


Proposal statement

Apart of genetic inheritance, acquired method of livelihood that built in childhood is importance to lead further health life. Permissive parenting style, which has lack of guidance on children interferes to implement healthy behaviour for child. How can change them more participating to educate their children with awareness of health habit in childhood is important.

Five Possibility

Data visualisation design present statistic of children’s BMI and physical activity by parenting style categorised by permissive to authoritative and disengaged to engaged.

Interactive design that allow to indirectly experience of giving guidance to children who has unhealthy habit.

Educational app that purpose on educating parent to educate their children who will educate next generation in the future. It provides parent health knowledge and provides online parent community to share parenting experience through this service design.

Exhibition that compilation of collected personal experience at childhood under the context of proposal statement. It emotionally approaches to public to emphasises experiences that what in childhood shaped me. Collected emotional data will explored visually in typographical manner that quoted people’s sentence.

Magazine design informs how to do parenting informat of TV guide. As the parenting kinds can be exactly divided into bad or good, it provides options parent can select to perform.

 Proposal draft

I’ve selected interactive design that will be displayed in public billboard. The screen shows bad behaviour of children that hinders their health. However, the child on screen stops what he’s been doing when random pedestrian clicked the heart button on the screen. The action of touching represents providing guidance to children.


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