Post 8 Brainstorming possibilities for a design response

After doing a lot of mapping exercise, we were asked to individually respond to the 5W question, which is  who, what, when, where and why regards to our own specific topic. The exercise helps us to develop a deeper understanding to the mental health issue and I was researching around with the topic ‘Cyber bullying’.

Who does the problem affect?

  • Teenager / student / school
  • Celebrity
  • Parents of the teenager

What are the boundaries of this issue?

  • society/ education
  • Freedom of speech on internet platform
  • Privacy

–   Celebrities and social media

When does it occur?

under the rapid change and development of technology, many social media platform taken an important part in people’s daily life and people can share information easily. However, sometimes people were abuse of the freedom of speech and so cyber bullying has became an serious issue.

Where does the problem occur?

The problem can happen anywhere with internet connection mainly on social platform and application, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Why is this issue important?

from my previous research I have discovered on impact and prevention of cyber bullying, I found that the issue is common on teenagers and celebrity. When they got cuber bullied by others, victims will get stress, depression and for extreme cases people even commit to suicide. The impact shows that cyber bullying isn’t an issue that we should treat it lightly and it is very dangerous. From many cause study and interview, I found that people are lack of knowledge and understanding with cyber bullying. besides, I also think there are lack of education and it’s needed to increases people awareness with this issue.

After the brainstorming section, I have came up with some ideas for my proposal, I think service design could work well with my issue and I wanted to educate people through the design. As I have mentioned sometimes people are abused with freedom of speech, so I wanted to educate people with a good behaviour online and educate people the responsibility of there words. Moreover, for a more convening option, I think a real case sharing section would be good to let others know how serious is the issues.

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