post 8: Brainstorming possibilities for a design

Problem statement

During these weeks research and mapping, base one my clean energy topic I found the problem is greenhouse gas emission.

What doses the problem affect?

1. The increased discharge of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses are the primary contributor to global warming. Global warming has the adverse effect on the human health, global economy and causes series natural disaster include sea level rise, extreme weather events, and urban heat island effect and the greenhouse effect.

What are the boundaries of the problem? What will happen when it fixed?

2. Most people have lacked awareness of this issue; they just heard the greenhouse gas will have the harmful effect on the environment, but don’t now the cause and effect. If the Greenhouse gas emission can reduce, it will remission the situations of global warming.

When doses the problem occur? When does it need to fix?

3. Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activity is the main cause of global warming. It happens from the advent of steam, the extensive use of fossil fuels in the first Industrial Revolution. It needs to set as soon as possible.

Where is the problem occurring?

4. It is happening all over the world.

Why does it matter that the problem is fix?   What impact doses it have on all stakeholders?

5. It influences human, and animals living, penetrated every aspect of social life.
Depend on the five point in the problem statement I come up the draft of the proposal.

Proposal Idea

1. make a visualization of the most grown clean energy use information (like the solar power ) in Sydney
2. create a visualization to show what is the clean energy and the benefits of it
3 . make an app for the smartphone to show the energy price and compare which energy is more save money for the house staff use.
4. create a web platform for help people to find the clean energy design and set up teams , show the new energy news and introduction on the website, also can let people exchange the experience of use clean energy.
5. make a visualization of a different kind of clean energy distribution in Australia.

Draft of proposal

Title: Clean Energy: The better way

Type: Visualisation Practices (data drive design) or Service Design

Issue: Clean energy

The emissions of greenhouse gas are the primary cause of the global warming. Change clean energy to replace the fossil fuel is pressing and will be a new trend. But the use of clean energy is not abroad, most people have lacked awareness of clean energy. They worry about the price, stability and not sure the benefits.

To focus the lacked awareness of clean energy. We can do publicity and generalize what it is? Why we need to use it ?(the benefits and friendly to the environment ) and How we can set up the systems?(the clean energy design and build team)

My proposal shows the most mature technology of clean energy (solar power) that people use now to inspires people. Let people now what kind of clean energy is available to use in his location. Help them compare the price and see the benefits and chose the most suitable clean energy in their house. Make a platform help people find clean energy design and set up the team, to show up and exchange their experience of use clean energy.

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