Hidden Truths–Bodybuilding

Brainstorming possibilities for a design response
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Post 8: Mitchell Soames

Working collaboratively with my team members has really influenced my interests and aided my understanding of different factors which contribute to obesity and what we perceive as a healthy living.

In order to pinpoint my focus, I sought to reflect on my research thus far in relation to physical activity.

Design response possibilities discovered;

  • Teens/ adolescences are most at risk to take performance enhancing drugs due to the exposure of social media and their ability to be influenced quite easily.
  • Lack of education/ awareness of the effects of performance enhancing drugs.
  • Information on side effects and dangers only exist on blogs or low funded websites.
  • Athletes, Supplement/ Fitness companies are not transparent with their products/ promotional material.
  • A blind eye is shown to all behind the scenes (emotional psychological, aftermath)

Problem Statement

“How to improve transparency by educating ‘vulnerable’ people about the reality of most role model athletes”

Having an interest in fitness and following some athletes on social media I am always left with questions, often second guessing most of the elite ‘Natural’ body builders in the game at the moment. Transparency does tend to discourage me in many of my favourite athletes. With that being said I can’t blame or criticise the likes of Simeon Panda or Steve Cook (bodybuilders) for pledging themselves as natural when I know full well that there is more to the story.

Contracts with several companies require an athlete to cheat themselves risking their name, reputation and fan base to advertise/ promote a particular product. The issue is at the largest it’s ever been and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Draft Proposal

I propose a platform that will educate and influence aspiring physically active people about the risks of using performance enhancing drugs. Instead of forums or blogs (which contain an overload of reading and unstimulating jibber jabber), I am leaning towards a campaign involving videos and talks encouraging interaction and feedback from participants to further engage. Using ex-athletes, educated trainers and possibly a series of testimonials may be an effective way to communicate the message clearer. It would be interesting to not only concentrate of the physical but the psychological effects as well as the obvious dangers.

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